Assessing the Value of Your Website Property

Website valuation serviceIf you own and operate a website that is successfully getting relevant traffic and/or generating leads on a consistent basis, and has been doing it for a long time, you now have a tangible and potentially valuable web-based asset on your hands.  As online marketing has evolved and become a highly credible method of generating business an often overlooked aspect of business is that your website has value and should be treated like any other asset you own.

Owning a website is very similar to owning commercial real estate in the sense that you have the land, location, foot traffic (if applicable), a building, legal consideration, misc. expenses to manage, and hopefully some ongoing revenue.  All of that gets factored in when determining the current asset value of your real estate has in the market and gives you some idea of what it can be sold for. The same holds true for websites as well.

Website Valuation, Appriasals, and Representation Services

Tidemoon has been involved with buying and selling websites for a number of years.  We have been involved with valuing websites, representing sellers, and assisting with due diligence requirements on both small and large deals.  We have real world experience working with transactions involving eight figure deals where we closely worked with individuals, traditional businesses, and private equity firms.

Whether you are interested in selling your website or considering acquiring a new website and/or domain we can help you with a number of key aspects of the sale or purchase.

Valuations can often be very subjective since your site’s value is ultimately what someone will pay to purchase it in any given market; however, performing some due diligence is critical to maximizing the price you receive for your property.  Some online tools help you analyze your site and provide a high level range to get a rough estimate but they simply can’t dig as deep as a person and replace years of personal experience.

Common items that impact value and are included in our analysis:

  • Sources of traffic (organic, paid, referring, direct, etc.)
  • Average leads and/or sales produced
  • Average CPC’s of primary keywords
  • Conversion history
  • Backlink profile and history
  • Industry competition
  • Age and history of site and domain
  • Social media presence
  • Depth and level of unique content
  • Website technology (CMS, databases, code, speed, etc.)
  • Ongoing management requirements
  • Market specific considerations

Tidemoon can assist with a simple site valuation, or also provide full buyer or seller representation and work with you throughout the entire process to help you get maximum value for your website.  Contact us today for more details.