Producing Professional Video SEO for Your Website

Website video production services Video production is a great way to provide a new layer of depth for your users to experience and interact with your company.  Higher Internet access speeds are readily available today and the latest streaming options make downloading much easier.  This makes video an effective new media option for conveying your company messages.

Make your visitor’s flat screen monitors and mobile devices come to life with high definition videos showcasing all the great products/services your company has to offer.  One of the main benefits you get from having video on your website is you have already have a captive audience, someone that wants more information on your offerings.  This is a completely different and arguably much better than a standard commercial where you are trying to get attention and brand recognition all while hoping they are not simply skipping over it or fast forwarding.  You also can be very creative and think outside the box to create videos that really speak to your target market’s needs (even for complex B2B items like engineering and construction services, manufacturing products and services, etc.).

Web Video Production & Marketing Services

A few of the common types of videos to consider:

  • Corporate Overview
  • Interviews of Management & Key Employees
  • Testimonials from Clients and Customers
  • Product Details
  • Facility Tours (office or industrial such as a shop or manufacturing facility)
  • Case Studies or Successful Projects
  • Campaign Specific Promotion
  • Customer Support Videos

Most companies have a video camera that records in HD.  That can work for simple applications when you have an in-house team to manage it all but if you really want to up your game you should consider a professional full-service production that includes a script, voice overs, graphics, a promotional plan, and so forth.

Tidemoon can assist with most any video production and promotion needs.  Our video team has experience working with both large and small companies.  To get more info contact us today.