Integrating Your Internal Database with Website

Product database integration and design serviceWhether you are interested in taking orders or just generating leads on more complex products, integrating your company’s product database from an internal system to display directly on your website is often a great way to add value for your visitors and to also get additional SEO benefits and sales opportunities.  By implementing real-time inventory (where your actual inventory shows up on your website immediately as it is added and/or edited) many companies are able to able to enjoy a number of benefits.  These include: displaying updated inventory levels that allows visitors to see what you have available ”right now”, removes products that are sold, removes the need for dual-entry that many web systems require, and allows you to display as much information on any products that you would like from your businesses core systems.

Online Database Management & Product Database Services

Tidemoon has a great deal of experience working with product database and real-time inventory solutions.  We will assess your situation and provide a number of viable options to consider.  We have a great deal of experience mapping field data, pulling data directly out of ERP systems, replicating databases on web servers, creating dynamic exports and cron jobs, and we have developed a number of other solutions on any given project in order to get the job done.

If you have a product database that you would like to consider integrating on your site contact us today for more information.