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Website design and development services By now, most well established companies already have a web site.  Yet, the fact remains that a large percentage of those sites simply are not taking advantage of the unlimited marketing potential the Internet offers.  If you are looking to improve upon an existing design, implement a complete redesign to increase website performance and conversion, consistently generate leads or sales from your site, or simply need to develop an entirely new site from scratch, Tidemoon has the ability to meet your needs.

Web Design and Development Services for any Requirement

Having years of experience in online and traditional marketing, e-commerce, and search engine optimization, we not only bring a fresh new perspective and focus into the web design process, but we also offer a thorough technical understanding of how different site elements will affect your ability to rank well in the search engines, convert visitors, track campaigns, and ultimately, market your site.

For example, search engines are becoming more advanced every day, but there are still numerous technical traps they can fall into that will all but erase your online presence with them.  Things like dynamic url strings, frames, flash, and older content management systems can wreck havoc on your rankings and overall visibility if they are not carefully addressed and corrected.

In many existing sites, key components are also often overlooked by traditional designers, user (and spider) navigation is difficult to follow, and online marketing tools are sorely underutilized or never implemented at all.  When you select TideMoon as your web development company, you can rest soundly knowing that our experience will guide you to the proper site architecture, design, and optimization to increase traffic.

Services Available:

Additional Web Development Services Offered:
In addition to making sure you have a marketing focus, sound structural outline, and an overall development strategy geared towards increasing traffic, TideMoon brings a tried and true methodology to the entire process.  Most of our design projects include:

  • Initial concept and consultation
  • Development of a detailed scope, site outline and wire-frames
  • Development and review of multiple design proofs
  • Edits and final design selection
  • Coding/programming
  • Testing/debugging on beta site
  • Internal review and audit
  • Client review
  • Final edits and approval

We have specific experience with all of the following:

  • Searchable & Sortable Project Databases
  • Advanced Website Elements (e.g. Power Calculators, search boxes, etc.)
  • Real-time Inventory Integration with ERP
  • Proprietary and Custom CMS Implementations
  • Lead Management Systems Setup & Integration
  • Full Website Re-designs
  • Minor Supporting Graphics Upgrades
  • Logo Development
  • High End Website Design

website development and design servicesYou’ll work directly with one of our project managers who will be your single source point of contact for all aspects of the development project.  Our web development team will work with the project manager to ensure the project goals and milestones are met. Our web development team has the experience and resources to tackle any project. We have established partnerships over the years with a number of top-tier designers and developers for clients with all needs.  This allows us to offer an even larger variety of skills, from basic web site development and CMS implementations like Word Press, to complex dynamic SQL database driven sites.  Our team of developers includes programmers and designers with strong backgrounds in standard html, html5, CSS3, PHP, mySQL, SQL Server, .Net, Javascript, AJAX, graphic design, and more.

To see our full portfolio or to get more information on how TideMoon can help you increase your traffic and generate more leads, contact us today to setup a free initial consultation and site review.