Digital Marketing Plan & Budget for Online Success

Internet marketing plan development serviceWith so many marketing options available to businesses today, there is no shortage of good ideas to try and integrate into your online marketing plan.  However, you need to do just that, create an actual marketing plan. The difficulty comes in trying to correctly prioritize and budget which options make sense for your business to successfully reach your target audience. Additionally, you must track your efforts and calculate an ROI to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck.

An online marketing plan is no different than a traditional marketing plan, it’s just more focused on all online campaigns. We will work with you to integrate the online marketing plan with your traditional marketing plan to ensure both efforts are synchronized. Here’s a sample of the typical components we include into the plan:

  • Develop a mission statement (why are you doing this)?
  • Goals & Objectives
    o Often based on market research
    o Work with you to set measurable goals and timeline
  • Tactics and Strategies
    o Search Engine Optimization
    o Paid Search
    o Link Building/Development
    o Social Media Involvement
    o Social Media Advertising
    o Online Advertising
    o Content Development
    o Graphic Design
    o Web Development
    o New Tool/Widget Creation
    o Define Success Metrics
    o Test and Track
    o Refine and Adjust
  • Budget
    o Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual
    o We work with you to maximize our efforts within your budget

Online Marketing Consulting with Proven Methods

Tidemoon has many years of marketing management director level experience.  Our team has developed plans and managed ongoing annual budgets ranging from hundreds of thousands of dollars to over a million.  We have helped a variety of companies in a variety of industries create a successful online program and create a plan execute it on time and within budget.

Tidemoon has a long history of developing Marketing Plans for businesses of all sizes.  We can develop small scale plans that include just individual components or large scale plans that include your entire traditional and online marketing efforts.  To get more information on how we can develop an impactful marketing plan for your company contact us today.