Create a Social Media Marketing Presence

Social profile creation serviceOnline marketing strategies are constantly evolving and social media has now become a viable platform for many businesses to generate additional interaction and relationships between them and their customers.  It is also gradually proving to be an effective way to generate occasional leads and new business opportunities.  On top of these reasons, search engines are also now using social media activity as a variable that can influence search results, and many social media pages are being incorporated in the organic results. The wait is officially over; you can no longer neglect the power of social media and should incorporate a social media plan into your marketing mix.

There are various platforms that exist and each has their own unique audience and use. The most popular of the social media networks are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+, and YouTube (even though it’s not a network per say we have to also include YouTube for its social aspects and extensive reach). There are also a couple of up and coming social media networks such as Pintrest and Instagram that are proving very worthwhile to many businesses.

We spcialize in b2b social media marketing services and campaigns

The key to launching your social media campaigns is to determine which platforms are best suited to reach your target audiences, set goals, develop a plan, and then implement it.  Tidemoon can help you evaluate and sort through the various social media options, setup profile pages on any of the major networks, develop and post content, and assist you in developing a social media marketing plan.  We can help determine which networks would be best suited for you to interact with your customers and which ones to initially target to generate new business as well. We have worked with companies to help setup and maintain company profile pages with all of the major social media outlets. Our in-house social media expert helps develop ideas for content as well as create the actual content used for posting and interacting with your customers.

Contact us today for help launching your social media marketing campaigns. We can put together an affordable package to fit your needs.