Social Media Marketing Plan & Budget for Success

Social media planning servicesCreating a profile page and posting on a regular basis is relatively easy enough but to truly be effective and maximize the potential of your efforts you should approach this new medium with a well thought out social media marketing plan.  If you haven’t launched your social media campaigns yet, 2013 and beyond will require businesses to begin to take this newer aspect of online marketing much more seriously. There is simply no more denying the importance social media is now playing and the impact it is having in search engine marketing no matter what market your company competes in.

This can often be confusing as to how to approach your social media campaigns and how your company can effectively incorporate social media and drive more business from it.  The extent to which you embrace it and the budget you ultimately allocate towards supporting and promoting everything will obviously have an effect on the depth and level of success you will experience but even big impacts can be made with a smaller budget if you have some level of organized plan in place.

Integrated Social Media Marketing Services

Here are a few common elements we suggest in most plans:

  • Developing an effective Mission statement – Why are you doing this?
  • Goals – What do you want to accomplish?
    o  Set two, three or more measurable goals
  • Tactics – How will you try and reach your goals?
    o  Blog and video integration to build trust and credibility
    o  Running advertising on networks to drive more traffic to social media pages
    o  Group sponsorships and discussions
    o  Newer advertising options to promote social content and sharing, etc.
    o  Set Implementation Schedule
    o  Define Success Metrics to test and Track
    o  Refine and Adjust
  • Budget

Just like any traditional marketing plan and the tactical action items in it, it’s important to remember not everything you do will be an instant success.  Often success is found when you test and track your performance and make adjustments.  This is especially true in the B2B social media space due to the fact that it’s very new to just about everyone involved.

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