Create an Effective Social Media Content Strategy

Social media content posting serviceIn order to connect with your customers and build credibility for you social media pages you must post high-quality, relevant content to your social media pages that is of value to your target audience. To encourage customer interaction with your pages it is also important to post regularly to all of your pages throughout your network.

Social media is often more about relationship and brand building than closing direct sales.  It is also important to remember most people buy from businesses they like and trust, as evidenced in this recent survey. In some cases, messages can be synonymous across the platforms to integrate your messaging and leverage each network for further potential network expansion in each respective platform (i.e. tell your Facebook page followers about your Twitter feed and vice versa).

Social Mediea Posting & Content Management

Tidemoon can help you construct and execute a social media activity posting plan to promote your products and services via social media pages. We work with you to develop a posting schedule and generate content in the form of news articles, article summaries, images, video, and other media available via the Internet. We can accommodate the posting schedule to fit your follower interest level and find the right balance that also fits your budget.

We can integrate your social media pages with your website and other marketing media in order to provide seamless brand representation and consistent messaging across all platforms. We can interact on your behalf with other social media pages to further your brand exposure and spread the word about your company.

Contact Tidemoon today for more information on how we can energize your social media pages with quality content and posts!