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Social media management servicesSocial Media is one of the newest and most popular online marketing options available.  While many B2B and industrial companies have been slow to accept social media into their marketing mix that mindset is rapidly changing.  Many business owners were reluctant at first, thinking that the majority of users were browsing friend’s pictures and getting useless updates from friend networks.  While that was the case for some time, it definitely no longer applies today.

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We can Help You Create a Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy

Google and MSN are beginning to integrate social media activity into their ranking algorithms and now treat social media with more respect and importance than ever.  You can routinely see business pages from the larger social networks like Linked In and Facebook, and even Google+, showing up in the actual search rankings for many searches now.  On top of that, the search engines are beginning to give credit to social media mentions and activity in their ranking algorithms which can have a direct impact on your traffic.  So, for every mention you get of your brand name or link you get on a social page that points to your site or social media business page, those are essentially treated like external links and considered as votes for your site.  Most of these types of things do not count as much as a traditional quality link will but it is certainly a piece of the puzzle you are missing if you are not out aggressively building up your social presence in some form or fashion.

While social can be great when it’s done right, it does come with one fairly significant drawback – it takes time and energy to plan and stay on top of it all.   If you are going to jump in to the race, routine postings to stay in touch with your target markets and customers are a must (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.).   Nothing looks worse than a completely outdated page so if you can’t take the time to properly manage it and give it the effort it deserves it’s probably best to wait until you can or until you can find a company that can help you do it.

Tidemoon offers services from social media planning and account setup to ongoing management and implementation of the social media plan.  To find out if we are a good fit for your organization contact us today.