Website Audit: Is Your Website Code Out-of-Date?

website technology review servicesOne of the first steps we take in any search engine optimization project is to evaluate the state of your current website.  We analyze the technical aspects and configuration of your site in order to identify any potential pitfalls that may hinder your site’s ability to rank in search engines. We also use this review and begin identifying potential areas of opportunity and need for improvement.  This typically involves reviewing the following:

  • Website Architecture and Coding Language
  • Content Management System (CMS) (if applicable)
  • Database
  • Hosting (page load speed and uptime)
  • Page Filenames
  • Internal Navigation
  • External Link Profile
  • Integration with other internal company systems
  • Analytics Software (if applicable)
  • Page Content Analysis

Can search engines properly read and index your website pages?

Once we have completed a thorough review and documented all the technical details we can begin to construct a high level SEO strategy and plan for improving your site and increasing qualified traffic.  This review is essential due to many technical hurdles that can substantially limit your ability to rank highly on search engine results pages (SERPs).  We also offer website development and design services if your site needs an upgrade or any other modifications needed to optimize for search engines.

We include this task within every SEO project but if you have any interest in simply having a stand-alone technology review of your site we can do just that as well – simply contact us today for more details.