Search Engine Optimization Specialists

page optimization is a key part to higher rankingsOnce we have worked with you to identify the keywords to target, we will begin to optimize all existing pages of your website.

On-Page SEO Services:

  • Writing custom page titles
  • Writing custom meta descriptions
  • Making suggested changes to the actual page content itself
  • Expanding the site content to include keywords that do not currently exist on the website
  • Optimizing the navigation to use keywords
  • Updating internal link structure
  • Incorporating text links to include partial keyword combinations and synonyms that link to other internal and sometimes external pages.

All of this falls under the umbrella of ‘On-Page Optimization’ (that is on the pages of your website).  On-page optimization forms the base for a sound SEO strategy but is probably less than half of the overall ranking puzzle, however, it is a half that you have direct control.  By taking action on all these types of items above you are increasing your chances to be properly positioned to eventually rank for your targeted keywords and phrases.  We also offer content development services in order to keep your newly generated content search engine friendly as well.

Find out how Tidemoon can help take your site to the next level and beyond with on-page optimization by contacting us online.