SEO Link Building Services for Today’s Marketer

external link development servicesEver since Google first introduced PageRank into the ranking equation in the late 90’s, links have been one of the most important pieces to obtaining search engine rankings for your website.  External site links are essentially considered as votes for your site.  Each vote carries a specific weight, with certain sites and pages carrying much more credibility than others in the eyes of the search engines.  They also look at the relevancy of the linking site when trying to determine the value of any given link, and also the actual text in and around the link itself amongst other factors.

This process used to be somewhat straightforward, just build links however you could and at some point  you would work your way up the ranking ladder.  However, that’s no longer the case, mostly thanks to the latest algorithm updates that Google implemented back in April of 2012.  Since there were so many sites that were just getting links from any and every site they could and essentially trying to game the system by massively and unnaturally building links while also stuffing numerous keywords in their links, Google decided to inject a massive overhaul in the way they value links. For the first time ever they now aggressively demote sites that are trying too hard or are getting too many “unnatural” looking links.  This was referred to as the Penguin update, just remember it’s not of the cute and cuddly variety but more the biting kind that might snap your fingers (or traffic!) off if you aren’t careful.

Strategic Link Consulting

Most of this is often overwhelming for most business owners that simply want to compete because they have a good product or service to offer the marketplace they operate in.  If you are not careful, outsourcing link building to foreign or untrustworthy firms that concentrate on mass link production, overuse of exact match anchor text in links, building too many links at once can now actually hurt your own rankings and may not be able to be overcome it at all.

It’s absolutely vital to your success to involve a link building professional who understands these new developments and potential pitfalls and can help guide you through the process.  We’ve been building links since they were around because they are in fact one of the best ways to drive traffic.  Even before search engines used links to rank sites, we were pressing them as important because when done right, there is one additional great side effect from link building, if you get good quality links from sites that truly make sense you will get ongoing qualified direct traffic from them.  This has nothing to do with search engines or improving rankings just good old fashioned qualified traffic building.  We also offer a keyword research service to identify the text to be used in the links to help further advance your search engine optimization strategy.

Tidemoon offers a variety of link building services.  From Link Building Plan development and Implementation, to full in-house training of your staff (so you can take our plan and run with it), to fully outsourced ongoing link building services where we manage your ongoing campaign – we will have a solution to meet most company’s needs.  To get more details on how Tidemoon can assist your company with link building contact us here.