Proven Content Development Strategies/Services

content development and strategy servicesYou’ve probably heard it before, “Content is King!”.  Well, that’s the old adage but it’s more true today than ever before.  Search engines continue to get better and better at deciphering what kind of content you have on your site and how beneficial it is to their users. It’s not only the amount of content on your site but the quality of the content that is playing even a larger role in ranking your site pages.

Your ultimate goal in content development is to develop good relevant content that is very useful to your visitors.  This can be for new or returning customers and probably both.  More than just sales copy on a few pages is needed but more truly beneficial well developed content that speaks to your target audience.  If your site’s content can help people get answers to their questions or help them figure out how to do something they need to dothan you are headed in the right direction.

If you are not regularly posting new and relevant content to  your site then you will most definitely need to incorporate a Content Plan at some point as part of your overall SEO strategy.  At Tidemoon, we work with writers who are true professionals and can assist with simple page additions to complex ongoing technical research and routine blog posting.

B2C and B2B Content Marketing Services Offered:

  • Blog Setup and Posting
  • Article Library & Article Creation
  • Market Research
  • Press Releases (only for truly newsworthy events)
  • Infographics
  • Tools and Widgets (calculators, calendars, etc.)

We don’t just write from a high level but rather we get down in the trenches to learn your business and really begin to understand all the various aspects and nuances of your business so we can better make suggestions and continue writing quality content that will produce generate qualified traffic, leads, and ultimately more sales.  We  also offer a CMS development service so you can quickly and easily add new content to your website on a regular basis, which is important for your SEO campaign.  To get more details on content related services please contact us today.