Testing & Tracking Your PPC Campaign for Success

pay per click tracking and testingOne critical component of any successful paid search campaign is having the proper tools at your disposal to accurately track each PPC campaign and help you make informed decisions to improve overall campaign performance.  Tracking numerous campaign metrics such as impressions, click-through rates (CTRs), average cost per click (CPC), average ad position, and cost per conversion – along with many others – will help you gain insight into what is working and what is not working within each campaign. Integrating these useful metrics with your website statistical tracking software gives you additional insight into how visitors convert and how they interact with your website after conversion or viewing your landing page.

It’s extremely important to track the above mentioned stats, but it’s more important to understand and interpret this data correctly and implement appropriate campaign changes. Certain metrics can be analyzed over time and reveal key clues to how your campaign can be improved. For instance, low CTRs can often be combated by writing more intriguing headlines and ad copy to persuade more visitors to click your ads (the amount you bid on a keyword can also influence ad position and can have an effect on CTR as well). Conversion rate is significantly influenced by your landing page design and layout and significant strides are often made by simply redesigning the landing page to promote more conversions.

Using and interpreting these metrics will help in developing A/B split tests to truly gauge which ads and landing pages are performing better than others and ultimately optimize conversion. New and unique messages in ads and landing pages can be tested along with current or older ads and landing pages to determine which perform better. By running an A/B split test with 2 unique ads and landing pages, and using the above mentioned metrics to gauge performance will prove which combination performs better. Once a ‘winning’ ad and landing page combination has been determined, the whole campaign can be modified to include the new higher converting ads and landing pages. Continually testing your ads and landing pages against new and unique messages allows you to determine the best possible messaging and content to use for your target audience and product/service.