Designing Successful Pay Per Click Programs

pay per click campaign planning and setupOur process begins by analyzing your target audience to determine how to convert them into leads and ultimately into sales. This first begins with keyword research and finding the keywords and phrases your potential customers use when purchasing your product/service. Our many years of experience allow us to wade through the countless terms that people may use when looking for your product/service – or a competing product/service – to find the keywords that present the most opportunity for driving cost effective leads and qualified traffic. We use some of the most advanced and highly respected software tools to develop a list of targeted keywords to bid on in the paid search campaign.

Pay Per Click Services for Effective Paid Search Campaigns

Each keyword that you want your ads to appear on in the search engine results pages requires a ‘Max CPC’ or a maximum cost per click that you will pay for each person to click on. Typically the higher you bid the higher your ads will appear in the paid listings. Although this is not the only factor (the overall ‘Quality Score’ is determined by a number of factors beyond the amount you bid), it is important to manage your keyword bidding to ensure the correct ad placement. Your average position in the paid search listings can significantly influence your ability to generate leads in a particular market. We help determine the initial bidding strategy and monitor and adjust bids to optimize ad positioning.

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