Pay-Per-Click Ads & Landing Pages that Convert

pay per click ad and landing page developmentWe continue our paid search services by developing and promoting an intriguing value proposition to sell to your potential customers via paid search ads and landing pages. These two components are key to your overall success and ability to generate leads. Oftentimes companies neglect their ad copy, landing page messaging, and landing page design/layout which can hinder your campaign’s ability to drive cost effective leads.

Creating an effective pay per click ad is critical to your success

Being in the industry for over 10 years, Tidemoon has the acute knowledge to work with you to develop high quality, targeted messaging that can help drive search engine users to click on your ads and ultimately convert into leads. Each paid search ad contains a headline and two short description lines. Each of these components is strictly limited to a specific number of characters. Therefore you must use each word wisely when writing the ads to construct the best ad message. We test and track each ad as well as frequently work with you to develop new ads to test and strive to increase performance and click through rates over time.

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