Generate Leads Fast with Pay Per Click Marketing

pay per click campaign management servicesPay-per-click (PPC) advertising has increasingly become one of the most cost effective ways to market your product and/or service online. Often overlooked by many companies as a viable lead generation strategy, paid search ads have increasingly become a critical component of today’s most successful businesses. Advertisers who appropriately market their products/services via PPC ads have been able to generate leads quickly, consistently, and on budget.

One of the many benefits of PPC marketing is that you are able to set an exact daily spending budget to accurately control costs. Additionally, this budget may be turned up or down on a moment’s notice to add more precise spending control that may be needed when fluctuations in day-to-day and month-to-month operations occur. We’ve managed budgets ranging from a couple thousand a month to nearly fifty thousand a month. We can work with you to develop a campaign that fits into your budget while maximizing your opportunity for success.

We provide full service management of your PPC ad campaign.

The top goal of PPC advertising is to drive high quality traffic and clicks at a low cost. One of the key metrics we track is the cost to obtain each conversion ($/Conversion). By measuring this metric we are able to calculate an exact ROI for the PPC campaign so you can be confident your dollars are being used effectively. We use some of today’s most advanced tracking systems that allow us to accurately track each lead; including, how many phone call leads you receive and what keywords people used that resulted in a call. Here’s a list of the pay-per-click services our company provides  (primarily for Google AdWords, Bing Ads, LinkedIn and Facebook):

Tidemoon has helped clients utilize paid search since PPC marketing first became available back in the late 1990’s. Whether your company already uses it and you want a professional to manage it and improve performance, you want to drive more leads from your current paid search campaigns, or if you are unfamiliar with paid search engine marketing altogether, with a short consultation we can tell you whether PPC advertising would be an effective marketing tactic for your business to consider. Contact us to learn more.