TideMoon is always interested in exploring partnerships to better meet the needs of our clients and continue to expand our business.  We are consistently developing and expanding our network of professional internet service and web technology partners, both locally and around the world.  In addition to our service related partnership, we occasionally delve into revenue share or performance marketing agreements as well.  See below for info on the most common forms of partnerships we support:

Referral Program
For complementary companies who wish to refer clients to us we have a program in place that will either pay you a percentage for each direct referral who becomes a new customer, or we can work behind the scenes as a transparent solution provider and you can mark our services up however you see fit.

Because we offer such a wide range of marketing and design solutions, we will often have one or two offerings for which our partners already have expertise.  You can remain confident knowing that TideMoon is a company of ethical business practices, and we will never solicit our partners’ clients or prospects for anything other than what we were called for in the first place.  If you would like us to sign a non-compete agreement for any of the clients you send, we will be more than happy to do so.

Performance Marketing/Revenue Share Programs
In addition to our traditional service offerings and referral partners, we will occasionally consider promoting certain companies on a performance basis.  That is, you pay nothing for our services up front, and instead compensate us based on our performance.  This is typically setup on a per lead, percentage of sales, or other similar basis.  However, because there is a substantial investment of time and money, and a much higher level of risk involved, we are only able to offer these types of partnerships to a few select companies who are primarily focused on new or emerging markets.

If you would like to explore any type of partnership possibilities with TideMoon please contact us or email