Targeted Online Advertising Services

Ad placement & management serviceWhen confronted with a number of online advertising options from your own research and other relevant websites that contact you about advertising on their website, it is often difficult to wade through and select the best options. When evaluating all of your ad options, it is essential that certain questions are asked in order to determine which ad placements are the best for your business and maximize your budget dollars. Without professional advice from someone with experience you can often become overwhelmed by the number of options available – this is where Tidemoon can help.

We have spent our entire careers helping companies build their brands online and generate leads for their products and services. We can help you sort through the vast landscape of advertising options and help you build a plan and budget that is geared towards success. We help you set goals for your advertisements and then track and test each ad to achieve those goals.

We help with online advertising management from ad creation to tracking

One of the keys to developing a successful ad campaign is to install tracking mechanisms to determine which ads are working and which one aren’t. Tidemoon can help you construct and implement tracking mechanisms to generate performance reports that can be delivered at regular frequencies (daily, monthly, etc.) to keep you up-to-date on key ad campaign metrics. We help monitor these metrics as well and suggest changes based on the statistics to continually adjust each campaign to maximize success. We believe that by continually monitoring and testing new campaign ads and messaging we can be sure to find a successful combination over time.