Don’t Let Your Marketing Dollars go to Waste

Lead management system integration servicesIf you achieve any level of success with your online or traditional marketing campaigns, your company will eventually be experiencing a regular influx of new leads.  Once this happens, you will quickly realize you will need a more effective way to manage all these leads.  This is where lead management systems come into play because they can help do just that; help you manage and track your leads and help calculate an ROI for your marketing lead sources.

Lead generation is a specialty of our business.  Tidemoon has been generating leads for clients and our own internal web properties for over 10 years.  We’ve generated leads from organic search, paid search, display advertising, online advertising, and numerous traditional marketing mediums.

We Offer Lead Management Services to Track Your Leads

Tidemoon has worked on projects generating leads from multiple sources and integrating full lead management systems using popular products like Leads360 and to more customized solutions that connect directly into advanced ERP systems such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

We understand lead flow, sales processes, XML and http posting, data mining, and all the other complexities that come with these advanced data tracking and management systems.  We can help you select a new system, work with you and the vendor to maximize value and speed up your implementation, or simply help you tie your current leads into your existing management system.

For more details on the lead management systems related services we provide contact us today.