Create an Industrial Online Marketing Strategy

Industrial marketing servicesWhile many companies in the industrial marketplace were first slow to evolve and accept the Internet as a credible marketing medium, most companies are now realizing that they are missing a huge opportunity.  Over the past 10 years, we have had the privilege of working in a number of highly industrialized business to business “salt of the earth” types of industries.

Tidemoon has been involved in numerous industrial market segments, from hot dip galvanized steel that gets used to protect steel from corrosion in light pole coatings, structural steel bridges, and many other products  throughout the globe to industrial diesel engines that power heavy equipment and machinery, to large power generation equipment that provides continuous and backup electric power to protect from outages and keep the lights on when no grid power access is present.

Industrial Internet Marketing Services for B2B Companies

Tidemoon has over 10 years of closely working with industrial companies to help build and evolve their web presence and expand their online business.  We’ve supported complex sales cycles by generating leads from multiple sources and integrating that with a lead management system to track and distribute the leads efficiently to sales people. One of our main areas of expertise lies in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising where we help companies generate cost efficient leads. We then complemented those efforts with traditional marketing collateral including online and print brochures with basic branding elements integrated across all platforms.

We’ve assisted with complex project databases that showcase portfolios of work to visitors to complex product databases that display real-time inventory from internal inventory management systems and ERPs directly on the web. We’ve also assisted with new age social media integration and engagement, and link nurturing. Contact us today for info on how we can help with your company’s web based marketing programs.