Education Lead Generation & Marketing Specialists

Education marketing services and experiencePost-Secondary education, be it online or via a traditional campus, is one of the hottest market segments going right now.  Seeing a strong need and opportunity early on, Tidemoon has been deeply involved in this space since 2002.  We have been engaged with sites focused on helping visitors get information on career considerations and researching all the school related options in the market to help people find the school that best fits their needs and career goals.  Technical, vocational and trade schools that offer students the ability to learn specific trades and skills are extremely popular with so many people currently looking at changing careers to meet the ever evolving and difficult job marketplace needs.

The landscape in this industry has changed extensively over the past ten years as some of these schools have grown extremely large, and the competition is as fierce as ever in both paid and organic search marketing.  Companies involved in the postsecondary education market have been one of the top spenders in paid search marketing (specifically #1 for 2012 and many of the previous ones as well), with costs per click for terms like online schools now trending upwards of $35 for each and every click!   This can be more than a little intimidating for newcomers on the scene, such as smaller schools that have yet to fully make the jump and transformation towards offering online course options and/or embracing online marketing as key way to drive leads and new student enrollment but the good news is there’s still lots of opportunity if you employ the appropriate tactics, especially in the more niche careers and curriculum.

If you operate an actual school (or an agency that assists schools with their marketing) you should consider working with Tidemoon considering our many years of experience and results.  We can consult from a high level and help you put together your marketing plan and dive down into every detail, or just focus on managing your Internet marketing efforts.  Contact us today to find out how we may be able to offer additional value for your specific education marketing needs.