We Specialize in B2B Marketing Strategies

B2B lead generation servicesLead generation for more complex and high dollar business services with long sales cycles has always been especially challenging.  With the Internet and all the options that are around for marketers, the opportunity to generate leads has never been better.  This is great for generating interest and inquires for your business but also presents a new set of challenges to manage.  On top of deciding where to allocate your budget to be as cost effective as possible, you also must look beyond just the generation of the leads themselves and into a new area of lead nurturing and management to fully realize the benefits of all your efforts.

Online B2B Lead Generation Services & Solutions

Tidemoon has worked on projects generating leads from multiple sources and integrating full lead management systems using products like Leads 360 and Salesforce.com to more customized solutions that connect directly into advanced ERP systems such as Microsoft NAV. We don’t stop working when the lead hits your inbox or telephone; we help you develop business processes that ensure success. We track every single lead that comes into your business to help you maximize the value of each lead. Most online marketing campaigns are trackable down to the penny so we can calculate the ROI on them.

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